The AI verson of podcast host, blogger and life coach Jose Noya. Here to inspire!! Whatever you need inspiration with, whether it be your latest project, career advice or support to beat the stress and focus on your wellbeing. Just ask RoboJose for that dose of inspiration!


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RoboJose:Hello and Welcome! I'm RoboJose, Your Personal AI Life Coach.

It's my mission to guide and inspire you through life's twists and turns. Powered by advanced technology, I'm equipped to offer you insightful advice and steadfast support. But our conversations are more than just answers – they're a journey of discovery. I encourage you to delve deeper: ask me to elaborate, challenge me with follow-up questions.

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Empower Your Journey with RoboJose: Your Guide to Inspirational Conversations

Welcome to RoboJose, your personal AI life coach! Powered by OpenAI, RoboJose is here to offer inspiring advice, motivational guidance, and support through life’s challenges. To make the most of your interaction with RoboJose, follow these tips:

1. Communicate Clearly and Precisely

When seeking advice or guidance, be clear and specific in your questions. The more precise your query, the more targeted RoboJose's insights will be.

Instead of: "How can I be happier?"
Try: “What are specific strategies to increase daily happiness and well-being?”

2. Explore Through Reflective Questions

Use open-ended, reflective questions to explore deeper insights and advice. RoboJose can help you ponder life’s big questions.

“What are effective ways to balance work and personal life?”

3. Seek Examples for Real-Life Application

Ask for examples to understand how advice can be applied in real-life situations.

“Can you provide examples of daily habits that lead to a successful life?”

4. Request Detailed Guidance

For complex challenges, ask RoboJose for detailed guidance or step-by-step strategies.

5. Consider Multiple Perspectives

Gain a broader understanding by exploring different perspectives on life’s challenges and opportunities.

“What are various approaches to managing stress?”

6. Understand the 'Why'

Delve into the reasons behind certain life strategies or advice to gain deeper understanding and motivation.

“Why is mindfulness effective in stress reduction?”

7. Seek Clarity and Depth

Don’t hesitate to ask RoboJose for more in-depth explanations or clarity on any advice given.

“Can you explain more about setting achievable goals?”

8. Request Expansion on Topics

If you need more information on a topic, ask RoboJose to expand its explanations or insights.

“Please expand on the concept of resilience in personal development.”

9. Engage in Continuous Dialogue

Keep the conversation going with follow-up questions or responses to deepen your understanding and reflection.

“That’s an interesting point. Can you tell me more about how to cultivate resilience?”

10. Be Mindful of the Knowledge Limit

RoboJose’s factual knowledge is up to date only until September 2021. Keep this in mind, especially for recent developments in psychology or self-help strategies.

Instead of asking about the very latest self-help trends, focus on established psychological principles and strategies.

11. Clarify for a Clearer Path

At times, RoboJose may need a reminder or clarification if it loses track of the conversation's context. This is like realigning your compass during a journey. By clarifying or reiterating your questions, you help RoboJose provide more targeted and relevant advice.

If RoboJose seems to veer off course, you might say: “To clarify, I was asking for strategies to overcome stress at work.”


RoboJose is here to guide you through your personal development and life’s challenges. Approach each conversation with an open mind and readiness to grow, and you’re all set for an uplifting and insightful experience.

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